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All the latest breaking news on brexit second referendum. Browse The Independent's complete collection of articles and commentary on brexit second. 2 days ago DOMINIC CUMMINGS – the mastermind behind Vote Leave and new would happen in the event of a second Brexit referendum, it can be. 5 days ago Losing the Welsh seat to the Lib Dems, Boris Johnson now has a working majority of just one in the Commons. He has sworn not to travel to Brussels to hold talks until EU negotiators drop the backstop, which they have plainly refused. And Parliament has voted against leaving without.

Brexit has ceased to be 'will of the people', new poll suggests

Email address:. Some people want a second referendum because they feel the first one was invalid: with the Electoral Commission expected to find that Vote Leave breached campaign spending limits , they argue, the legitimacy of the result is in question. Even if the Commission formally issues this finding, this provides no legal basis to overturn the referendum: the sanction in UK law is a fine for the campaign which broke the rules, and the possible prosecution of individuals legally responsible for its actions which can result in prison time.

Read Mark Wallace on Brexit. Vote Leave was, for many, an inspirational process. Those who felt powerless found a voice that should be heeded. Brexit has made us more relaxed about immigration, not less. The Chequers deal is attracting cries of betrayal from Brexiteer MPs. A harder Brexit would come with a major economic hit, as the EU has proven far less willing to make concessions than some Brexiteers imagined, while even the softest possible Brexit would leave the UK receiving rules from the EU with no say over them.

Read Femi Oluwole on Brexit. Next time it will be a million. Conservative Brexiteers are firmly against any second referendum, and Theresa May has ruled one out — though she ruled out holding an early general election just weeks before calling one last year. Labour has not officially ruled out a second referendum, but Jeremy Corbyn did fire one of his shadow cabinet — his former leadership rival Owen Smith — for publicly supporting the idea of a second public vote.

Beyond support in the Commons, the logistics of launching and holding a referendum before March are incredibly tight, especially given concerns over how the rules worked last time. May would have to pass a bill provisioning for a second referendum, establishing its question, and allowing sufficient time to campaign.

In practice, any referendum would probably have to provide for all three options, which is even more complex than the vote. Either way of holding such a vote would be hugely controversial, and provoke cries of betrayal from hard Brexiteers — but with the parliamentary maths looking tough, Theresa May struggling to agree a deal with her own party, let alone Brussels, and the clock running down, every other option is looking tough too.

Anything could happen. Justine Greening joins list of around MPs now publicly backing second Brexit referendum. Every Remain-voting constituency with a pro-Brexit MP. Every Leave constituency where the MP voted Remain. That's why our new email newsletter will deliver a mobile-friendly snapshot of inews.

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James Ball 12 months Monday August 13th Most Popular. All Brexit. Student's back ache turned out to be terminal cancer. Real Life. Sky News broadcast footage of seagull eating sparrow. Lampard reveals real reason Luiz left Chelsea for Arsenal. Premier League. How no-deal Brexit is hitting the property market. Boris Johnson's new senior aides want to legalise cannabis in the UK.

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Brexit bombshell: How Dominic Cummings made brilliant point about second referendum

Peter Barnes, BBC News' senior elections and political analyst, says that if there Jeremy Corbyn is reportedly set to support a second referendum on Brexit. One possible way to break the political stalemate over Brexit, could be to offer the public a new vote on European Union (EU) membership. The Labour opposition's backing for the idea has revived interest in another public vote to settle the Brexit gridlock.

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