Trump Spins Environmental Record In White House Speech

President Trump talked to reporters as he departed the White House for the Hamptons, Representative Elijah Cummings Remarks at the National Press Club Today. South Lawn. President Trump White House Departure. AM EDT. August 9, Live. There are no live streaming events. Check back soon. White House Logo. The White House. Live · Jobs · Get Involved · Copyright Policy . The gathering was called to detail the main themes of Tuesday's speech for roughly 20 Joshua Trump is seen in a photo provided by the White House. | White.

Trump Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Right-Wing Social Media Trolls

Trump was once an outsider political candidate who prided himself on bending rules and subverting norms, and he wants to keep that sensibility as a candidate in So on Thursday, the president went in search of outside-the-box campaign ideas from a group that also has little use for playing by the rules. Sandwiched between a flurry of morning presidential tweets and bleeding into Mr. Before all was said and done, the East Room event, which featured a rambling speech by Mr.

Trump on everything from Federal Reserve policy to his hairstyle, devolved into a confrontation in the Rose Garden after the presidential news conference between Sebastian Gorka, the former White House official turned media personality, and a reporter. Gorka questioned his journalistic credentials and approached Mr. Karem, who suggested the two talk outside.

Villa shouted amid the melee, before talking about who designed her gown. Biden Jr. Trump shared on Twitter. There was also Bill Mitchell, who enjoys discussing QAnon, an online conspiracy theory that purports to share government secrets.

Ostensibly, the entire exercise was a chance for Mr. Trump to hear grievances from his supporters. That is what some of them said, anyway. Kirk and members of his organization have been criticized by the Southern Poverty Law Center for tweets that contained anti-immigrant or racist views.

Kirk said. The president and his supporters feel as though their voices have been silenced by platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google, while making the somewhat confounding argument that their efforts are indeed covered breathlessly in the news media, but just not to their liking. Weeks ago, the president and his social media director, Dan Scavino, hatched the idea to hold the event.

The White House created a website that was meant to capture evidence of Google, Twitter and Facebook suppressing conservative voices. In the end, representatives of all three were left off the guest list. Trump treated his audience to an unusually detailed look into one of the hallmarks of his presidency — his tweets. He said they were intended to kick-start a new news cycle, and lately he was wondering why he seemed to notice lower engagement numbers.

Could something more nefarious be afoot? Trump said, waxing poetic about those early days running the Twitter account as president. That was like a rocket. Trump had special praise for his golf caddie turned social media impresario. Once upon a time, Mr. Trump noticed that Mr. These days, he said, Mr. Trump gave his own unique interpretation of the First Amendment.

Trump said, describing the kind of thing the First Amendment is meant to protect. Madihha Ahussain, a lawyer with Muslim Advocates, a nonprofit legal and advocacy organization, described it as a ruse. Ahussain said in a statement. The White House, Mr.

Melia said, was not the place for this on Thursday. Loomer was not in attendance. And Your Contact Info.

State of the Union 2019

Official White House Youtube channel. President Trump Signs the Executive Order on Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty - Duration: 22 minutes. 5 days ago In White House speech, president condemns racism, but not his own. 4 days ago Just two hours before his White House speech, Trump tweeted an he who is the president and did not respond in-kind today in his remarks.”.

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