Karl Urban Says Studio Would Be 'Insane' Not To Make Quentin Tarantino's 'Star Trek' Movie · 'Game Of Thrones' Wildling Had The Angriest Reaction To. More and more celebs are coming out! Pride is your number one source for all things gay Hollywood and for the scoop on all of your favorite gay celebrities. Even though Taylor made the straightest gay music video of all time without actually But besides all that: Queer celebrity gossip is fun!.

Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin’s College Admissions Scam: Everything We Know

Perkins was intense, sensitive, and complex, according gay celebrity gossip Scotty Bowers in Full Service. He was married with two kids but also gay. His longest gay relationship was with actor Tab Hunter, but he saw many men. Bowers writes that Perkins always wanted someone different. Bowers writes, "He always wanted someone different. Anything really new?

They would go on movie dates but buy tickets separately and sit apart. The Gay celebrity gossip Theater, near the predominately gay neighborhood of Silver Lake, attracted a primarily male audience, and Perkins felt comfortable sitting with Hunter this web page. The crew made a lot of jokes about it; they gay celebrity gossip cruel.

Of course, Tony was upset. When you get a chance, do you think you can find a nice young dark-haired girl for me? Someone that's not too heavily made-up. Over gay celebrity gossip next 50 years, Bowers became very close friends with Hepburn. He said, "In the course of time, I would fix her up with over different women.

Most of them she would only see once or twice, and then tire of them. Bowers said there was one exception. Bowers set Hepburn up with a year-old trick named Barbara. Shortly after they started seeing each other, Gay celebrity gossip bought her a brand-new two-toned Ford Fairlane as a gift.

Hepburn saw Barbara on and off for 49 years. Three months before Hepburn passed away in JuneBarbara, who had married no less than three times during that period, received a letter from Hepburn's attorneys. Gay celebrity gossip made nine movies with Katharine Hepburn, and studios concocted a phony romance between the actors that was so well-managed the public accepted it without question.

Tracy and Hepburn were always given trailers, dressing rooms, and hotel suites next to each other to keep the myth alive. In Full ServiceScotty Bowers recalls how Tracy called him to come the 5 richest families in the world at his hot-water cylinder in his house. As Bowers fixed gay celebrity gossip hot-water heater, Tracy drank an entire bottle of Scotch.

Bowers offered to cook for him and Tracy opened another bottle of Scotch. Then, Tracy came on to Bowers. Bowers writes, "He began to undress and begged me not to leave him. I did not have the heart to say no. Bowers tried to calm him down, but Bowers said Tracy "lay his head down at my groin, took hold of my penis and began nibbling on my foreskin.

A few hours later, Bowers woke up to the sound of Tracy stumbling around the bedroom trying to find the bathroom door to pee. Bowers said, "He fumbled for the light switch but couldn't find it, so he just let loose. One moment he was urinating up gay celebrity gossip the drapes, the next into an open closet, then all over the carpet.

Finally he fell back into bed and immediately lapsed into a deep sleep, snoring like an express train. Bowers continued to have sex with Tracy, which always included Tracy drinking himself into a stupor. Bowers said, "The great Spencer Tracy was another bisexual man, a fact gay celebrity gossip concealed by gay celebrity gossip studio publicity department. That is, if they ever knew about it gay celebrity gossip all.

George Cukor was a legend in the movie industry. Cukor had sex with Scotty Bowers, author of Full Service. In their first encounter, Gay celebrity gossip writes that Cukor gay celebrity gossip over to me, began to fondle my balls, then rapidly gay celebrity gossip me to a full erection.

In no time gay celebrity gossip all he started to suck on my erect penis. He was so good at gay celebrity gossip he was doing that before I knew it I was dizzy with ecstasy and simply lay back until I experienced an absolutely exquisite orgasm. Bowers realized gay celebrity gossip he always has blunt sexual encounters like this.

There was no preamble, nor was there ever any form of penetration. Anal sex was out of the question. To put it crudely, just like my friend, Cole Porter, George just wanted to suck dick. And he would do it with a quick, cold efficiency. When Bowers arrived, several young handsome men were there — and his wife, Linda, was not.

Bowers writes, "I soon learned that Cole's passion was oral sex. He could easily suck off twenty guys, one after the other. And he always swallowed. On another evening, Bowers gay celebrity gossip nine of his best-looking young guys over to Porter's house and Gay celebrity gossip "sucked off every single one gay celebrity gossip them in no time. Boom, boom, boom and it was all over.

Bowers slept with Porter also. Bowers said Porter "loved to suck me off gay celebrity gossip then have me fondle him until he reached his own orgasm. Porter was insecure and told Bowers to throw a dinner party and invite link group of 12 or 14 people who had all known Porter for a long time.

Porter said he'd hide under the dinner table and eavesdrop as Bowers asked them questions about Porter. They covered the dinner table with three large bedsheets and Porter crawled underneath the table. He heard the entire dinner conversation and never once came out from under the table. Mercedes de Acosta was a poet, playwright, and novelist.

In William J. Mann's Behind the Screen: How Gays and Lesbians Shaped Hollywood, he writes, "For a gay celebrity gossip in the s, [Garbo] lived gay celebrity gossip with John Gilbert; later, she conducted her relationship with playwright and poet Mercedes de Acosta with similar directness and lack of pretense.

Garbo was reportedly very controlling but photographer Cecil Beaton recorded in his memoir, "Mercedes is [Garbo's] very best friend and for 30 years has stood by her, willing to devote her life to her. Mann writes that the public gay celebrity gossip that Garbo was not like most women, with photos of her and Dietrich, both wearing pants, running under the banner "Members of the Same Club.

Bowers brought over a young man to Laughton's house, and Laughton proceeded to carefully wash crisp lettuce leaves and tomatoes and place them on two slices of bread while the young man was told to strip completely and perch up on a counter top. He put the sandwich on a plate and grabbed a pot. He told the young man to follow him, and they were gone for 15 minutes. When they came back, Bowers could see that the lettuce and tomatoes had been smeared with a light brown substance.

Bowers writes, "It looked like gravy or peanut butter or some sort of sandwich spread. The young man looked gay celebrity gossip. He looked at Bowers and pointed at the bread gay celebrity gossip on the plate and then lightly patted his backside. Laughton had asked the young man to defecate into the pot so he could smear his poop on his sandwich.

Rock Hudson's homosexuality was carefully kept secret by his gay agent, Henry Willson, and the studio. They managed to conceal his sexuality right up until the time he died of AIDS in He was married to Phyllis Gates, who was a lesbian.

She liked her female sex partners slim, dark-haired, and young. He said, "Don't repeat all that crap about how tough Rock Hudson had it. You know how he had to pretend to be straight and live a lie and all that. That was just surface.

Rock Hudson had it easy. You just have to ask any Joe from Click to see more what life was like for him. Who didn't have to lie? Who didn't have to pretend? The difference was, in Hollywood, gay celebrity gossip bosses lied for us. They protected us. We had a whole community, for God's sake. We had — dare I say it?

Where else in America did gays have such a thing? Cary Grant was an English actor and considered one of classic Hollywood's definitive leading men. Randolph Scott was an actor best known for Heritage of the Desert, a film that established him as a Western hero.

Scott was also married. When Bowers was with Grant and Scott, he writes, "The three of us got into a lot of sexual mischief together. Aside from the usual sucking — neither of them were into fucking, gay celebrity gossip, at least not fucking guys, or at least not me — what I remember most about the first encounter was that Scott really liked to cuddle, and talk, and was very gentle.

Grant and Scott's relationship lasted for years. They eventually ended up sharing a home together behind the famed Chateau Marmont Hotel in Hollywood as well as their Malibu beach house. In Full ServiceScotty Bowers writes, "Women swooned over him and he bedded quite a few of gay celebrity gossip, but he much preferred men. He preferred young men in particular, and "some of his sexual tastes were rather odd and gay celebrity gossip, but none of the guys seemed to mind.

He was always meticulously careful about who he saw. He fiercely guarded his reputation at the studio and his position as a highly visible actor, so few outside of a very tight circle could point a finger at him and accuse him of indiscreet behavior.

Bowers writes, "As we romped around that rather grimy hotel room that night it was patently clear to me that Ty had a healthy and inventive sexual appetite, but one that was infinitely more focused on me than it was on my girlfriend.

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Star Athlete Tells Team He Is Gay And Ready To Come Out [Blind Gossip] This out male celebrity thinks his average looks are a liability in the long-term love. When it comes to celebrities, people love to gossip about their sexuality. Since famous people Whatever the reason for celebrity gay rumors, not all of them are. Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. (born March 23, ), known professionally as Perez Hilton is Hilton's angle on celebrity gossip includes an unapologetic desire to mingle with and be a part of celebrity culture. . Members of the gay community who have criticized Hilton's outing include editor of The Advocate Corey.

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